Genius book of records


Genius Book of Records is the authority which works through a process of authentication within a particular system to find such achievement which belongs to only one person in the world – an incredible feat. These type of achievements are formally known as Globally Recognized Achievements. Genius Book of Records works to find these types of achievers around the world and to publish their achievements on our International Records Database website as well as in our annual edition published. People from different countries are applying for their records to be verified by us because of our systematic and fine process of certification and authentication. The content published by Genius Book of Records is for reaching out to Potential people for encouraging them to display their hidden talent globally.


The vision of Genius Book of Records is to provide a global platform to the prospective record holders for the various talents exhibited by world. The potential that the country has needs to be encouraged, polished and presented with the best approach so that

Think of a stage which unites a one-year-old child to an 100-year-old veteran; the educated elites to the illiterates; the rich and the affluent to the poor and the wretched; people with varying political inclinations to different dynasties; people from different religions to different



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